Angelica Florio
Updated Aug 07, 2017 @ 10:57 am
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Gifts don’t have to be given only on birthdays or holidays. Surprise “just because I love you” gifts are perfect for any day, but they’re especially perfect for today — because it happens to be National Friendship Day.

Today is the perfect opportunity to show the #1 person in your life how much you care, because friends who are always there for you will always be the real #1s, regardless of which significant others or pets may seem like they’re most important.

Why not honor your friend for National Friendship Day with a gift? It doesn’t have to cost a lot — it’s just the thought that counts! (It does help if the gift is super cute, though.)

Here are some sweet — and inexpensive — gift ideas for your BFF.

1 Hand-stamped “Best Bitches” friend bracelet

This bracelet, like most good things, can be found on Etsy for $10.

2 A fun, body-positive card

This card is also on Etsy, and can be your best friend’s for $4.50.

3 Wall decals for your adventure buddy

A whole pack is being sold at Target right now for $9.49! Here’s what the whole selection includes:

4 A wine stopper…because you’ll both be able to use it!

For the nights when you know one bottle to share isn’t enough and you’re going to need a little bit of that second bottle. This cute flamingo wine stopper is on Amazon for $10.

5 A cute photo clip for your friend to display a picture of you two

This copper lips clip is sold by Urban Outfitters for $10.

6 An enamel BFF pin

Because your friend should wear it like a badge of honor! This pin can be bought on Etsy for $8.

7 A trinket dish with their sign

These pretty little dishes are so handy, and they’re on sale for $6.95 from Anthropologie.

8 A fun keychain to brighten their day

Each of these keychains can be found on Etsy for $10!

9 A mug for their…liquids

This mug is $9.95 from Cafe Press, for the wine and coffee friends in your life.

Make your friend’s day with a surprise gift! Even if it’s not a puppy, they’ll still love it.