See, two of my nearest and dearest are expecting their first babies—one in December (a mere 10 days before my wedding where she'll be my Matron of Honor!), and the other in March, (HELLO, spring baby). This is definitely the year of the babies and I have joked more than once that no one else is allowed to get pregnant this year—breathing room, people! I'm so thrilled for both beautiful moms-to–be and I am loving all most of the knowledge I'm gleaning for a later date. So what can you expect when your BFF is expecting?

1. She will switch to a much earlier bedtime

Sleep is good for us all and honestly, I would love to be able to fall asleep hours earlier without melatonin, but pregnancy happens and your BFF is out like a light before the sun goes down. She goes on a trip? Expect her to need to sleep in the next day and follow that with a nap. Text her past 10pm? Don't expect a response until the next morning because she's snoozing. Growing a human is hard work, after all!

2. She will cry often and due to random incidents

Expect tears and expect them often without warning. While my December mom-to-be has always cried at all things sweet and sentimental, now it's hit or miss what will make the tear ducts kick in. For instance, a total fail in the kitchen while attempting to make a Southwestern chicken something casserole—MELTDOWN. Looking at pictures of my wedding dress and hearing all the sappy details from the magical day with Mom? NOTHING. March mom-to-be rarely cries at anything but boo-hooed while looking through my cheesy wedding website. Hormones are a funny thing.

3. She will send the best texts ever

"Reason #173625 I wish we were still roommates—you would help me shave my legs because I can't reach them anymore!"

(On pre-natal vitamins) "I had to get the gummies because the pills are FREAKING HUGE!"

"I get really gassy at night. It's gross."

"The husband made a comment about how much I'm eating and I started bawling—stupid hormones—he was like, "Crap! I'm sorry! Eat more cookies!""

4. She will eat fries, a lot

Fries, Mexican, or whatever else she craves on the daily, and the best part is that you can enjoy these items as well because hey, you're being supportive! I encourage both ladies to indulge in their respective cravings because when else can you eat a large order of McDonald's fries with a Dr. Pepper guilt-free?

5. She will need TUMS, a lot

Before a meal, after the meal, before dessert. . .these miniature wonders are a necessity and work in minutes, much to the joy of my pregnant BFFs.

6. She will no longer like wearing pants

We were finishing up dinner the other night for my roommate's birthday and December mom-to-be announces that she's ready to take her pants off. I laughed until I cried and I knew the adorable Gap flowery number would be off the second she made it to the car. Yoga pants, maxi dresses, anything with an elastic waistband—what's not to love?

7. She will answer all of your most burning questions

I'm a curious person on the regular, so throw in pregnancy and I've got questions for days! What does it feel like? Do you feel like you're toting around a squishy bowling ball? Why isn't your stomach more squishy?

8. She will GLOW

It's true what they say, you take on this ethereal glow when expecting. Both of my BFFs just have this constant glimmer about them that, as much as I've tried, I cannot recreate with any bronzer. A happy soon-to-be momma is a beautiful sight to behold.

So to all the expectant mothers—CONGRATULATIONS! You are all things brave and Beyoncé and I pray you have nothing short of a pleasant pregnancy resulting in a healthy baby. And to all of us who are surrounded by pregnant BFFs: keep on being that supportive, encouraging, "would you like more fries?" friend that she so desperately needs. Stand by her side and gear up to be the cool aunt with plenty of love (and good stories about mom!) to share.

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