Last night was all about the SAG Awards, and today we get to see all the celebs who hung out together! As in, our fave costars from the biggest and baddest comedy ever.

Yup…Emma Stone and Jonah Hill had a Superbad reunion, and we’re finding it hard to believe they starred in that movie a whole decade ago.

This reunion was super special because Hill got to present Stone with her award for La La Land. Huge congrats, girl! Seriously, this is making us desperate to see these two actors work together again. (We know that Stone and Hill are heading to TV for the show Maniac, but Hollywood has been quiet on the deets.) They just have the best chemistry.

Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

And he looked so genuinely stoked for his friend!

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Seriously, just look at these two.

Stone is visibly euphoric after her major win, and we’re feeling similar emotions.

via giphyShe deserves the recognition for La La Land, which unsurprisingly swept the Oscar nominations last week. This is the second Oscar nom for both Stone and Gosling, so it’s pretty major stuff!

via giphyWe’re looking forward to Stone’s continuing success throughout awards season, and can’t wait to see the upcoming project she has in the works with Hill. It kinda warms our hearts to know that the two actors rose to fame around the same time and that they’ve remained buddies.

Also, is anyone else feeling like watching Superbad right about now?

via giphyWhat a classic. Love you guys so incredibly much!