At one time or another, we’ve all fantasized about having our bestie as a next-door neighbor, haven’t we? I mean, what could be better than being able to raid your bestie’s closet when it’s only ten feet away, or having a late night pizza party at a moment’s notice? It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Well right about now, these two Siberian huskies are living the dream:

Have you ever seen anything so sweet? Clearly these two have a lot to talk about, and they’re not letting something as silly as a fence stand in their way.

The adorbs photo was just posted to Imgur yesterday, and it’s already given over three million viewers heart eyes. Because who can’t relate to a little chitchat between besties? And if those besties just happen to be dogs, all the better.

We don’t want to eavesdrop or anything, but we can’t help wondering what these two are dishing about. The new cocker spaniel down the street, maybe? The best spots in the hood to bury their bones? Or perhaps they’re just waiting to ambush the mailman.

Good luck, guys. You might be able to see the entire neighborhood, but you’re still behind a fence. A sturdy fence.

It might even be dogwood. (Yes, I went there.)

(Image via Imgur.)