Natalia Lusinski
July 15, 2017 1:11 pm
Oranit Kittragul / Facebook

Okay, after you hear about and see the following, your day is going to get a whole lot better from all the cuteness. We found out that this dog snuck out to hug his dog friend across the street, because friendship, reported The Dodo. Of course, we have all the feels and cannot get over all the dog love. The dl? Messy is a yellow Labrador who lives in Thailand with his owner, Oranit Kittragul. Audi, a husky, lives on the other side of the street. Audi is often alone in his yard all day while his owner is at work.


Then, one day, when Audi’s owner apparently didn’t latch the yard’s gate, Audi escaped. Where did he go?! Straight to Messy, of course!

Oranit took pics to prove it, and we’re ~still~ oohing and ahhing.

Okay, now we have all the feels — it’s impossible not to! People on Twitter do, too.

Yup, we can definitely relate to this one!

We agree with this tweet, too!

And we assume “heartbreaking” here means so-much-cuteness-our-hearts-are-about-to-explode!

Okay, we’ll brb — we’re going to go make the picture of the dogs hugging our new screensaver, because #friendshipgoals, amirite?!