Last Tuesday, two adorable white Scottish Terriers in snowy Massachusetts accidentally escaped from their home. But no worries, because one of these dogs totally had his bestie’s back.

According to the Orange Massachusetts Police Department, Jacques and Annabelle got out of their yard when their owner experienced a medical emergency and was being taken to the hospital. Officers tried to catch the dogs, and even went back to the neighborhood later to see if they could find them. (Because clearly these are some awesome law enforcement dudes.)

When Orange Officer Bisceglia drove through the area again hoping to spot the rogue canine duo, one of the terriers approached him. The police department’s Facebook page says, “One of the dogs ran up to him, barking. The dog insisted that the officer follow him through a field to an embankment. Officer Bisceglia saw that the second dog had slid on the ice, approximately 30 feet down to the bottom, and was wedged in some overgrowth.”

Officer Bisceglia told ABC News, “I was amazed. This little terrier was smarter than me. If it weren’t for him, his little friend probably wouldn’t have survived the night. It was really cold that day. The temperature was in the single digits.”

Firefighters were called to the scene and rescued Annabelle, all thanks to the determined efforts of her bestie, Jacques.