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If you have a bestie who’d go to the ends of the earth for you, consider yourself in good company. Chrissy Teigen says she’ll be Kim Kardashian’s surrogate and we can’t imagine a more generous offer. As for baby number three, Kardashian recently revealed surrogacy isn’t out of the question.

Having a third child via the natural route could potentially put her or her baby’s life at risk for health complications. Mother to North West, 3, and Saint West, 11 months, Kardashian is thinking through all options available, as any woman in her situation would (we recently learned that Kardashian was told by her doctors that a third pregnancy could result in the reality star bleeding to death from complications). Chrissy confessed to Access Hollywood earlier this week how excited she’d be to help her bestie out. It really is the truest form of friendship.

Watch for yourself in the video below.

Teigen, mom to adorable 7-month old baby girl, Luna, also commented on the pregnancy of Janet Jackson, who is expecting baby number one at the age of 50.

While Teigen did love her pregnancy process, she’s also no stranger complications trying to conceive. Back in February, she and hubby, John Legend, went through IVF when conceiving naturally wasn’t happening—something a lot of women turn to when other options aren’t available. When it comes to babies, Kardashian knows just how she feels saying

Not only is it incredibly touching that Teigen put that offer on the table, but it’s also so refreshing to see women (women who are constantly in the spotlight, no less) openly sharing their struggles with pregnancy. This kind of transparency is crucial for so many women who may have experienced similar issues themselves and haven’t felt like they had the safe space to share their struggles.

So many kudos to Teigen for being such a supportive friend to Kardashian, and bravo to both of these ladies for being so refreshingly open about their pregnancy experiences.