Sundi Rose
February 06, 2015 4:21 pm

Chris Pratt just keeps perfecting the art of being awesome. Here’s the latest: he made good on his  #TwitterBowl bet with Chris Evans this week when he visited the children’s hospital, Christopher’s Haven, in Boston dressed—as was part of the deal—in his Guardians of the Galaxy costume.

After lots of football-related jabbing on Twitter, Evans and Pratt decided that whoever’s team lost the big game, would have to pay a visit to the children’s hospital from winning team’s city, in their trademark superhero costume. Really, it was win-win. So when Pratt, a die-hard SeaHawks fan lost, he was more than happy to dress up for a good cause and meet the families at Christopher’s Haven. Not to be outdone, Evans paid a visit with the kids, as well, but only Pratt was donning his costume. (Captain America was no where to be found, but, hey, Evans won the bet!)

All told, the bet between Star Lord and Captain America helped raise over $27,000 for both Christopher’s Haven and Seattle Children’s Hospital—when both guys tweeted out the hospitals’ fundraising pages.

“We are grateful that real-life superheroes Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are turning their sports rivalry into an opportunity to support kids in their communities,” Lisa Brandenburg, president of Seattle Children’s Hospital, told The Hollywood Reporter. “We are delighted that patients and families at both Seattle Children’s and Christopher’s Haven will benefit from these generous donations.”

Meanwhile, in Boston, Pratt donned his costume and posted pictorial evidence of his awesome day with the kids and their families on his Facebook page. Have a look at the pictures and feel all the good feelings.

From the looks of all the smiling faces, the kids at Christopher’s Haven dug having both superheroes on hand, and they weren’t the only ones enjoying themselves. Pratt legitimately looks like he is having the best time ever—in character, of course. And that is one of many, many reasons why we love the guy. (Chris Evans, you rock too!)

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