This post was written by Anna Swartz on The Dodo.

1. “She was my birthday present 18 years ago.”

2. “Kindergarten to sophomore year of college.”

3. “18 years later.”

4. “7 years later, they’re still inseparable.”

5. “Me and my bro 12 years later.”

6. “10 years later.”

7. “He’s grumpy, smelly and deaf … but still my buddy.”

8. “We may both be 15 years older, but we are still best friends.”

9. “After 19 years together, Funny-look’n and I are still best friends.”

10. “I’ve had her since I was four years old.”

11. “Just me and my cat … 17 years later.”

12. Me and Bill, 19 years later