Juliette Kopp
Updated Feb 24, 2015 @ 3:47 pm

We meet SO many people in our daily lives, many of whom we’ll see once, maybe twice and then never again. But sometimes something just clicks. We’re not talking about romantically, we’re talking about when you meet a rad gal and totally connect on that oh-so-important friend level. Maybe you like her wit, her sincerity, the easy flow of your chats, but suddenly you’ve made a new pal. And ain’t that the best?

Well, there’s a level of awesome even ABOVE making a new friend — that’s the moment you realize that your bud has turned into a bestie. Somewhere along the string of movie nights and let’s-grab-lunch-sometime-next-weeks, your pal turned into a hey-wanna-come-over-and-do-nothing-together-confidant. And when that transformation happens, it’s a beautiful thing.

So that you’re not left wondering if your bud is actually a bestie, we’ve narrowed down a few of the tell-tale signs that mark the moment when you bring that amazing human up to the coveted best friend status. In the wise words of a young Beyoncé, it’s time to upgrade u.

The occasional text becomes all-day communication through multiple social media channels

No longer restricted to weekly check ins, you two gab nonstop about which shoes to buy and where you should go to dinner tomorrow night and oh my god that cute coworker just brushed my elbow and I think I drooled a little bit. The filter is gone, along with any underlying rules about double texting. You have no qualms about leaving her seven messages in the middle of the night. You’ve become a constant in each other lives, always available for insight and advice at any given moment. She’s your back up, your safety net, your emergency contact. And how could she possibly wake up tomorrow morning not knowing that you went on an Etsy shopping spree at 2 a.m. to get matching ugly sweaters? Priorities. You share everything . . . and then some.

They’re your implied plus-one

If one of you is invited somewhere, it is automatically assumed that the other will be your sidekick. Weddings, work functions, happy hours . . . others now view you as a duo. You always check in with each other before committing to an event to make sure you won’t be (gasp) solo. Even when you’re in a relationship, you’re still each other’s go-to for everything your significant other would roll their eyes at.

Your interests are merging (and you had no idea you could love vegan food so much)

Perhaps you weren’t really a fan of indie folk music and those dirty concert festivals weren’t ever really your thing, but your partner in crime is dying to see Arctic Monkeys for the 17th time. Somehow you find yourself first in line waving your Lollapalooza tickets above your head for all to see simply because it is a blast spending time with your number one. The great thing about your companionship is that she’s opened you up to so many new activities. In return, she’s there to share in yours. She’s always willing to watch that obscure documentary you’re desperate to see and will accompany you to that awkward work dinner you’re too shy to attend alone. You get to relish in her silly traditions while simultaneously sharing all the quirks that make you all the more interesting.

. . . But you still have your differences

Despite being seemingly joined at the hip, you still participate in separate activities. There is no binding obligation that you must be invested in every single hobby and interest of the other’s. You might wanna watch HGTV while she’s scanning for Real Housewives of Whatever episodes, and that will never change. While you have the common interests that bonded you together in the first part, the difference of opinions on other topics keeps conversation fascinating. Besides, a little disparity keeps you on your toes. Always nodding your head in agreement can be a real bore.

There’s nothing weird about making plans months in advance

Trips to the California coast, decorating ideas for your new apartment, or simply planning ahead for Mexican food next week. A best friend is someone you make a future investment in. Whether it’s buying tickets for a getaway next spring or just making reservations a week ahead of time, you know it’s more than a fleeting camaraderie, and you can sense that your present adventures together are only beginning. While many friendships seem to fade away as soon as a new significant other enters the picture or your work schedule gets crazy, a best friend is in for the long haul.

Put simply, your bestie is the person who will share in your single days but will also be there to see you down the aisle, the one who splits burritos with you when you’re flat broke but is also there to celebrate that promotion with expensive champagne. She’s not just there for the easy part, for the convenient and well-situated companionship, but she’s there for the roller coaster ride, the highs as well as the lows. And when suddenly a new bud is transitioning to this bestie status? Even better.

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