Far too often, brides get a bad reputation on their wedding day. Ever heard of "Bridezilla?" Exactly. Which is why this story about a bridesmaid who was proposed to at her BFF's wedding is so heartwarming.

Jess Nakrayko had a gorgeous wedding in Jamaica to tie the knot with her now hubby, James. But she really wanted to make the day about L-O-V-E and not just her. Her longtime friend, Jessica Kiely is in a relationship, too, so Jess sought her friend's boyfriend out and asked him if he would propose to Jess during the wedding.

This mid-wedding proposal is what friendship is all about.

During that moment when the bride tosses the bouquet to all the single ladies, she called up Jessica (yes, they are both named Jessica), who had no idea what was going on. As you can see it was a very emotional moment for both women.

She had no idea what’s going on.

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She’s totally clueless.

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Look behind you, Jess!!

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Seriously, this is too much for our hearts.

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Amazingly, no one knew but the bride, her sister, Adam, and the photographer. People were understandably totally shocked by the move.

"So then we had the song change from 'Man I Feel Like A Woman' to Bruno Mars' 'Marry Me.' I started walking to Jessica, and there was a moment where we locked eyes, and as I went to pass her the bouquet, she started hysterically sobbing, saying 'no, are you serious?," Nakrayko said.

They obviously love each other.

Bride and bridesmaid hug after surprise propsal.
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Oh yea, Jess and Adam love each other, too.

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Congratulations to both of the happy couples. Everyone should have a BFF who doesn't mind sharing her big day with them. Or at least the first slice of wedding cake.