A few weeks ago one of my best and oldest friends got married. As you’d expect, it was a day filled with joy and love and it was great to see her walk down the aisle and get married. But it was also quite a strange experience to see the girl you used to prank call people with grow up and get married. She was the friend who provided the inspiration for all our nights out and was the one who got us all dressed up in costume and generally provided the laughs.

Here are a few things you’ll learn when your best friend gets married, especially if you’re one of the bridesmaids like me.

You’ll want everything to be perfect

From the table decorations to the music choices, to the bridesmaids hair and dresses, you’ll be almost as worked up about everything going well as the bride herself. After all it is your bestie’s special day and she’d do the same for you right?

You’ll feel all the emotions

You’ll go from nerves, to worrying about everything, to excitement, to happiness, to pride, and there’ll even be some tears too, all on the same day. It’s all so overwhelming and emotional and the wealth of feelings you’ll go through on the day is huge.

You’ll be running around on adrenaline all day

The time before the actual wedding ceremony passes by in such a blur – you’re rushing around making sure every little thing is going according to plan and that everything is finalised, even to the point that you’ll probably forget to have lunch. But, before you know it, you’ll be standing outside the wedding venue ready to walk down the aisle as your best friend’s bridesmaid.

Then you’ll suddenly crash mid-reception

After the actual ceremony part is over and there has been no hitches, you’ll feel a sudden sense of exhaustion and almost fall asleep in the middle of the reception. It’s all the adrenaline, ok?

You’ll burst into tears at the most inopportune moments

For me, this happened after the reception, in the toilets, when I had a quiet moment to myself and was purely because the emotion of the day caught up with me. You too may find that you cry over a trivial thing after the event at your bestie’s wedding. This is completely normal (I’m guessing!).

But most of all you’ll feel this incredible sense of joy, pride and love for your friend as she embarks on this new chapter of her life.

It’s not everyday that you watch a friend you’ve known since you were 14 get married and start a new life. Yes, the emotion may get to you, but you’ll want to relive each moment with her as you’re just so proud! Plus, playing such an important part in your best friend’s wedding will create special memories for the both of you. And, just wait until you all sit down and go through the wedding photos together!

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