Candace Ganger
May 04, 2015 @ 11:18 am

Every now and then, something happens that requires immediate attention. Not something awful or tragic, just a situation that's awkward enough that I know exactly who to turn to: my BFF. Maybe because my bestie knows me so well, or because the advice she dispenses is always spot on, but after a chat on the phone, there's rarely a need to get anyone else's input. Best friends are full of perspective, experience, and the special skill of making an awkward situation feel like no biggie (no matter how big it really is). Regardless, when life strikes, don't fret. Call for BFF backup. Particularly if you land in one of these messes. . .

You said the wrong thing to the wrong person

Talking is hard. I've had a lot of moments where, as soon as I said something, I realized: OOPS! Maybe I wasn't supposed to tell her about that surprise birthday party that took nearly a year to plan. She had to have known, right? Oh, you mean I shouldn't have referenced so-and-so's new job to the boss before my coworker put in her two-week notice? I sincerely thought these people knew already. Fortunately, when you have a supremely awesome BFF who you can confide in, moments like these feel a lot less terrible. She'll tell you you're not an awful person and remind you of a time she also spilled a secret and fell into a shame-hole. And then she'll remind you that she survived it and moved on.

After the break-up, you ran into your ex and their new partner

You're strolling on your merry way when BAM! "Oh hi, ex. Didn't see you there with your new, gorgeous love." It's happened to me and it's super uncomfortable. One thing your BFF can do in this situation is something no one else can: Go into full detail as to why you're so much better off without him/her, talk about all your positive traits the ex is obviously missing out on (their loss, right?) and distract you with ice cream or an adult beverage to numb the pain. You'll forget how awkward the whole thing was in no time.

You've been walking around with a giant stain on your pants

It took me about 27 years to find "the" pair of jeans. You know the kind. You could literally live in them for days at a time and when laundry day rolls around, the mere thought of washing them sends you into full-on panic mode. why would you want to wash out all the awesome? However, all that wearing will, inevitably, lead to some sort of mishap. Spilled wine, an exploding ketchup packet, maybe even a leaky ink pen, and you've got yourself one ruined pair of jeans. Don't fret. If anyone understands HOW MANY pairs you had to try on to find this one, it's your bestie. They'll sympathize. They also aren't going to judge you for looking like you maybe need to wear a bib.

You tripped over your own feet somehow

I can't tell you how many times I've fallen in public (too many) or tripped on my own two feet while trying to look cool (even more so). You might be embarrassed but just remember there's someone out there who will get it AND lighten the situation with a joke to make you feel better. Food in the teeth? Dress tucked in your skirt? Been there, my friends. Being awkward is actually pretty cool and BFF's are great for reminding us how cool/awkward we really are. And they love us because of it, not in spite of it.

You went on a seriously awkward date

Whether you've been dating for a long time or are new to the "scene," it's not uncommon to have an awkward date or two (or seven). At a time when everyone's online dating, meeting total strangers makes for some occasionally odd banter and profound miscommunication. If you've never used the fake emergency phone call from the BFF during one of said dates ("Uh…I'm sorry, as much as I'd love to hear about your allergies for another hour, my cat is sick and I gotta go!"), it's probably safe to say the first call you made after an awkward date was to your bestie. She's there for encouragement, support, or just a good laugh about how weird the night was.

You left your coffee cup on the roof of your car

I have a knack for being forgetful — on Mondays, in particular (read: exhausted). It's not unusual for me to wear mismatched socks or leave the house with only one earring. But the worst is when I set my coffee cup on the car so I can throw my purse inside before I get in. Usually, I remember my hot cup of java, but when I don't, it's a disaster. One time, the cup even waited until I was passing another car. It was the moment it splattered across THEIR car that I realized I'd left it perched on my roof. I. Was. Mortified. Luckily, BFFs can turn these moments into pure comedy. They will laugh hysterically and immediately help you realize your forgetfulness makes for an awesome story. So maybe you feel bad about that guy in the other car, but at least you made your bestie's day.

Your body made a weird noise you weren't expecting

If you've ever eaten takeout that smelled a little off but you were so hungry, who cares? The next day, you're going to pay for it with a gurgling stomach that won't quit. Was it worth it? Your bestie will probably say yes. And those times you've burped, coughed something nasty or spit food particles when talking, there's one person who will not only feel for you, but commiserate. Because she's been there too.

Best friends are good for so much more than having a concert buddy or blabbing about all things Ryan Gosling. They're great for helping you through the challenges of life, getting through the harder obstacles, but more than that, they're THE BEST at making any awkward situation feel like nothing huge, so you will feel OK.

And at the end of the day, isn't that what friendship is all about?