I’m scrolling up this letter

And tossing it into the sea

Hoping the bottle washes ashore

And somehow finds my bestie

She’s seemed to have disappeared

To where, I haven’t the slightest clue

We used to share all of our plans

When and where we were going & what we were going to do

I can only assume she’s on that one island

Where so many friends often dwell

The one where girls go when they get a boyfriend

And they slip into a stage-ten love spell

What do they do on this enclave, I wonder?

Lock hands and lips and into each other’s eyes stare?

Does she ever think about me, her BFF –

At the few times, if ever they come up for air?

I’m happy she’s found her Prince Charming

After sifting through quite the collection

I just wish that whatever place they went to

Would receive cell service or at least a wi-fi connection

It’s just that I love and I miss her

We’ve been two peas in a pod forever, a pair

In the meantime I’ll keep an eye on the coastline

otherwise I’ll just have to wait and meet her there.