Karen Fratti
October 09, 2017 3:59 pm

Fact: Halloween is the hardest holiday for the lazy and those of us prone to procrastination. Apart from candy and spooky movies, the holiday largely revolves around wearing a costume at some point, which means you have to be creative, crafty, and either budget time to go shopping or to DIY. If you aren’t a great planner or hate costumes, this can feel like straight-up punishment. But there’s strength in numbers!

To ease the Halloween costume dread, enlisting a friend to buddy up for the night can help. (Hey, maybe they have a glue gun.) Often our friends a little too much like us, which means if you’re fully lazy about Halloween, your BFF might be too — so you’re both going to need some lazy-amazing BFF costume ideas.

Because you can’t really be bothered, but you also have standards.

There are tons of great BFF costume ideas out there, but these are for the particularly lazy. To get them together, you can probably wear things that are already in your closet and then fill in the blanks with a quick trip to the dollar store. So now there’s no excuse to stay in on the big night.

Here’s some inspiration to start:

1Best Friends Forever

This is so easy, it’s almost stupid. All you have to do is dress alike, and then cut a huge BFF locket from construction paper or poster board. Use some string to turn it into a necklace and that’s it: You’re BFFs.

2Three Blind Mice

Alright, this one only kind of makes sense if you have three people, but surely there’s another friend in your group who feels just as hopeless about Halloween as you do. Wear grey sweats over jeans or all black and then run to the Halloween or dollar store to find matching mouse ears (around this time of year, they’re likely in every costume aisle) and some black shades. If the sunglasses are all the same, you’ll look more cohesive, but do you. You could also carry cheese, which is a bonus.

3Daria & Jane

OK, this is going to take some very specific colored blazers and ’90s-style black boots, but you probably have all of that anyway, and if not, it’s a great excuse to hit up a used clothing store the day of to gather all the pieces and throw it together. You might be lazy about Halloween costumes, but you’re sure as hell not lazy about shopping.

4Patty and Selma from the Simpsons

You’re going to need a puffy purple wig for this one (and some dresses), but you can whip this up in no time. Roll some notebook paper into a fake cigarette so people get the joke. If you get hardcore with it, you can use yellow body paint to copy the Simpsons‘ skin color, but you might as well skip that part.

5Meredith and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy

Pull your hair back into a low ponytail and order a pair of light blue scrubs online (or track some down IRL) a few days in advance. DIY your Seattle Grace Hospital name tags and dance around together all night.

6Wayne and Garth

If you have a pair of faded jeans and some old t-shirts, you can do this. You’re going to need some Converse and tease your hair so it looks like you live in your mother’s basement if you don’t have a wig. If you get a plain black hat cheaply, you can just use white-out to write “Wayne’s World” on it. Party time!

7Yourselves in the future

Break out your oversized cardigans and costume jewelry and transform yourself into the old ladies you strive to be.

Whatever you guys decide to be, you’ll have a blast as long as your lazy selves are together.