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August 03, 2014 3:55 pm

Far too often, we put energy and work into our romantic relationships, but lose sight of our friendships. We become entwined in our own lives and focus on our partners only. We forget to call that friend, or make a lunch date to catch up. As distracted as we can get, it’s also vital to remember the people who were there from the beginning and who will always be by our sides. Here’s why having close friends is such an amazing thing and why you need to nurture your friendships, as much as you do your romantic loves:

1. They’re there to lean on when you need them most.

You can always count on your friends and they should be able to count on you. There’s nothing like a friend’s shoulder to cry on or having the girls come over so you can vent your little heart out.

2. They just get you.
Having a boyfriend is great and all, but there’s something so unique and wonderful about spending time with female friends. (The same goes for men and their friendships.) Women relating to other women can feel comforting, powerful, and special. Knowing that your close friend has been through a similar experience can make you instantly feel better and less alone.

3. They give you independence.
Spending one-on-one time with your friends keeps your independence alive. You are a different person when you’re with your friends and it’s crucial to let this shine. With a good friend, you can truly be YOU— without judgements.

4. They break it down for you.

Honesty is the best policy and your friends have got it. Friends are there for you when you need them and they are also there to give you the hard truth sometimes. When maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend can’t tell you what you truly need to hear, your friend is just around the corner to speak the truth. It’s refreshing to have this in a friendship, so treat it like gold.

5. They make everything a little better.

From the small compliments we give each other (“your hair looks amazing” or “that dress is perfect on you”), to the big moments, your friends are there to push you along. Your friends are the ones that are telling you how proud they are of you that you got that promotion, they are the ones saying how smart you are and that you can achieve anything you dream of, and they are the people who tell you that you deserve better when you need it most. This positivity goes a long way.
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