Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated August 19, 2017 1:17 pm
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Awhile ago, we wrote about all the many, many questions you can and maybe should ask your bestie. What they wanted to be when they grew up, which politician they could see running for office, and which house in Game of Thrones they would totally belong to were just a few of the thirty important (and fun!) questions we encouraged you to bust out the next time you saw your very amazing friend.

Since you should always strive to get to know your best friend better and better and better, here are thirty MORE questions you should ask him or her. Because like we said before —these little things really do matter! When you start a lifelong bestie friendship with someone, you want to know every tiny thing about them, and they want to know more about you too —no matter how long you guys have been friends. So, go ahead and break out the Oreos and peanut-butter, the wine and the cheese. Ask your BFF the following questions and prepare yourselves for a rad, random, and inspiring night.

1. Do you have a book that changed your life?

2. Where would you take your dream vacation?

3. Charlotte Gainsbourg Jane Eyre or Mia Wasikowska Jane Eyre?

4. How many times have you fallen in love?

5. What inspires you the most?

6. If you needed one, what would your DJ name be?

7. On your first day as President, what would you do?

8. Favorite I-only-listen-to-this-in-the-car-when-I’m-very-much-alone song?

9. What makes you cry?

10. If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?

11. What’s been your greatest achievement (so far)?

12. Which emoji would best capture your essence?

13. Pizza or grilled cheese —be real with me.

14. What’s your favorite constellation?

15. Which X-Men superpowers would you want?

16. What’s your favorite punctuation mark?

17. Most valuable high-school or college class you ever took?

18. Whose fictional wardrobe do you want most?

19. What makes you feel nostalgic?

20. Who was your embarrassing 2000s celeb crush?

21. What would the title of your memoir be?

22. What are the saddest, most beautiful lyrics you’ve ever heard?

23. Have you overcome one of your fears?

24. Super fuzzy socks or Uggs?

25. What’s the most embarrassing trend you gave in to?

26. What are you most proud of?

27. Favorite movie or TV show soundtrack?

28. Do you believe in ghosts?

29. When you eat a pack of Skittles, do you save the best flavors for last? Or do they go first?

30. What’s one goal you definitely plan on achieving this year?

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