21 things only BFFs are honest with you about

Today is National Honesty Day, and that’s pretty awesome because we all know lying is the worst. We also know that there is no honesty like straight up BFF honesty. Your forever bestie is the person who always tells it like it is. You can always trust her to be real with you, and that’s why your bond is so strong. In honor of National Honesty Day, we’re counting down all the things a true BFF will never lie about.

21. When you have something in your teeth

True friends don’t let you walk around all day with broccoli in your teeth. It’s embarrassing to have someone point out that there’s a weird particle on your front tooth, but you’re ultimately grateful for it. Bonus friendship points if they actually help you get that stubborn green thing out of teeth, or let you use their sunglasses as a mirror.

20. When you need to choose a different filter

We all know that friends check each others’ photos before they post them. But only a real bestie will tell you if that Valencia filter is washing you out, or edit your caption if it doesn’t make sense. A BFF always has your back and wants you to rack up those likes.

19. When you’re headed to brunch and you still have morning breath

You need people in your life who love you enough to tell you that your breath smells like tuna and onions. You also need people who will give you their last piece of gum during a breath emergency.

18. When you need to focus on the road

Someone who truly loves you cares about your safety. You might get a little annoyed when they tell you to turn the music down or won’t respond to your texts if she knows you’re driving, but you know it’s just because she cares.

17. When you’re getting ready for a party and your outfit doesn’t match

Your BFF respects your bold personal style and always lets you #doyou, but they’re honest when you ask their opinion. No ride or die best pal will lie to you about skirt/blouse coordination just to get you out the door faster. It is a cardinal sin of friendship.

16. When they’re just not feeling your playlist

You and your BFF might be friendship soul mates, but that doesn’t mean you’re the same person. You like different things, and those differences are what keep your friendship interesting. You introduce each other to new things and find things you’re both obsessed with. But if your bestie is a hip hop superfan and you’ve been blasting your fave country album for an hour, they’re comfortable enough to tell you they’re ready for a new playlist. Now you can play that Top 20 hit you both love.

15. When you’re dying to splurge on those new shoes, but they’re just not worth it

A real friend isn’t just a “yes” man who only tells you what you want to hear. If you’re about to drop half your bank account on sandals that will go out of style in a month, your BFF intervenes. She wards off the impulse buy and shields you from buyer’s remorse. She either drags you to look at the cheaper options or makes you think about it for a few days. A friend like her is truly priceless.

14. When you accidentally spill on that white t-shirt you’re wearing

She even lends you her Tide-to-Go. And if you’re at event where you’re in the spotlight, she’ll switch shirts with you and wear the stained one. #FriendshipGoals

13. When it’s time to stop the Netflix binge and do something

Friends don’t let friends watch nine straight hours of Friends. They force you into social interaction with other humans or make you take a fresh air break. At the very least, they remind you that you need to shower.

12. When you’re letting your irrational fears hold your back

A true friend doesn’t force you to do things that you’re uncomfortable with, but they also don’t let silly things hold you back. They’ll be straight up with you when you’re getting in your own way. They aren’t afraid to tell that your fear of karaoke is making you miss out on all the fun, and then they’ll pass you the mic during “Living on a Prayer.”

11. When your Snapchat story is too long

A true soul sister takes your phone away when you start posting snaps of yourself making a sandwich. She doesn’t want people to start defriending you.

10. When they borrow your favorite jeans and accidentally ruin them

The difference between an acquaintance and a friend for life? Owning up to their mistakes. A real friend cares too much to lie to you about their royal screw up, and knows you love her enough to forgive her. When she accidentally sits on a permanent marker, she owns up to it and offers to buy you a new pair of jeans.

9. When you’re missing out on life because your eyes are glued to your iPhone screen

A BFF will straight up confiscate your phone if you’re checking Instagram while she’s trying to tell an important story. And you don’t even get mad, because it needed to be done. Phones are great, but a picture of someone’s eggs benedict is not worth missing out on quality time with your best lady friend.

8. When you actually need to buckle down and get some work done

A lot of friends are down to hang out with you when it means going to party or a night at the movies, but your BFF is there when things aren’t so fun and carefree. She’s the one who tells you that you can’t go out tonight because you actually need to get stuff done. She forces you to finish that terrible project you’ve been putting off. She will not lie to you and let you be consumed by procrastination.

7. When you’re being too harsh on yourself

She doesn’t let you talk badly about her best friend (AKA you). She’s your go-to gal for a pep talk or a total attitude makeover.

6. When it’s been too long and you desperately need to clear your schedule for a girls’ night

A friend will not sit quietly by when you tell them you’re “too busy” or “too tired” to hang out with them. You haven’t seen each other in weeks, for crying out loud! She will not stand for your laziness, calls you out and then drives to your house and picks you up.

5. When it’s time to take a mental break from whatever is stressing you out

Your BFF is your inner zen. Been studying for 3 hours? She helps you breathe deeply and brings you some pretzels to munch on. If you’re in the middle of a freak out because that guy from that thing isn’t texting you back, she puts on your favorite movie to distract you. Namaste.

4. When they know that new boy you’re texting is actually super shady

If she knows your new guy is no good, she sits you down and breaks the news to you gently. Yes, it sucks to have to do this, but she’ll do anything before she lets you get hurt by some slimey loser. #OvariesBeforeBrovaries

3. When you’re having a code red personal crisis and you need someone to come over ASAP

Even if she is in the middle of something, your friend is never “busy” when you really need her. She can tell when your upset simply by the way your voice sounds, and by the time you hang up the phone she’s already in your driveway.

2. When you’ve hurt their feelings

When you say or do something that hurts your main gal, she doesn’t just keep quiet about it and hold a grudge. She’s comfortable telling you how she really feels and knows it’s healthier to talk problems out than to just ignore them.

1. When you ask if you guys are really going to best friends forever

She obviously says “yes” with total confidence, and she means it. Mainly because she knows you two would be totally lost without each other and is totally committed to your friendship. You couldn’t live without each others’ honesty and would definitely smile WAY less.

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