Margaret Eby
Updated Feb 20, 2015 @ 10:34 am

Meet two women who define true sisterhood: Twin sisters Glenys Thomas and Florence Davies are the oldest living twins in the UK, and, according to many reports, the oldest identical twins in the world. And after more than a century spending time together, not only do they get along: These ladies are true BFFs.

The two are great-great-grandmothers (with 19 great-grandkids combined), and shared a room until Glenys left to get married. Florence also married, and she and her husband moved into a house next door to her sister, Glenys’ daughter Gwenda told the Daily Mail.

“For all their independent years they lived side by side, raising families together, shopping, socializing, and cooking together too,” she said. “Mam and Flo were always so active and independent. Right up until their 90s, they would hop on the bus to go shopping together. They loved to look good and often bought the same outfits.”

Born in 1911, they grew up in a small Welsh village and stayed there, living next door to each other their whole lives. While they never traveled (neither learned to drive), they were happiest just hanging out with each other, according to Gwenda. That’s the sign of a true friendship soul-mate, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re together.

“When both of them were widowed, they really took care of each other,” Gwenda told the Daily Mail..

Now, at 103, Florence and Glenys live side-by-side in a residential care facility. They even built an adjoining door to their two kitchens so they could be more like roomies.

One the best gifts in life is finding that true best friend, the one you want to spend all of your time with, the one who just gets you. For sisters Glenys and Florence, their besties just happened to be each other. And clearly, that crazy-beautiful bond has helped keep them strong and made their lives so much richer. Here’s to them and all the sister BFFs out there.

(Image via Wales News Service)