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Russian photographer Murad Osmann struck viral gold when he started a series called #FollowMeTo with his then-girlfriend-now-wife Natalia Zakharova. The couple traveled the world shooting photos in a romantic pose: Murad, out of frame, holds Natalia’s hand as she guides him towards a new and exciting location. The images are gorgeous, and have us all wanderlusting on the regular.

When the couple got married early last month in Moscow, they took a moment to shoot one of the now-iconic photos to share with followers. Let’s just say we’re jealous we weren’t invited to this amazing wedding.

But what’s a globe trotting couple to do for a honeymoon? Well, now we have an answer, as Murad posted a few shots from their gorgeous, double-destination trip. First, they hit up Las Vegas (as one does), and then it was off to the Maldives for some sandy, sunny beach time.

That ocean! That sky! That totally romantic pose! BRB, booking our trip to the Maldives.

Seriously, Murad and Natalia, need a third wheel?

(Images via Instagram)