Picture of The Notebook
Credit: New Line Cinema

First love is usually unforgettable. Whether it was a stolen kiss during a childhood game of Spin the Bottle that sparked a years-long crush, or the first time someone called you their boyfriend or girlfriend, the first pangs of love are typically sealed into our brains the way a random Tinder date in our 20s just isn’t.

Everyone remembers their first love, and it’s only natural to feel sentimental when thinking about them. Who hasn’t reminisced about the ones we first loved when we were younger or gone down a Facebook hole at one point in time looking at photos of our childhood loves? According to experts, there’s a reason for this too. First loves are often scary and anxiety-ridden experiences, therefore more memorable from the start. And then there’s the fact that our first love is often followed by our first heartbreak, a one-two punch that romance writer Nicholas Sparks has perfected in his novels.

Enjoy these kernels of wisdom from Sparks and other writers who get what it feels like to be young and in love for the very first time. Prepare to feel all the feels. In fact, a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon might be in order after this.

No truer words were spoken.

Sometimes being naive is a blessing.

Your heart hardens a little.


Like we said, your first love is often followed by your first heartbreak.

Love is like a fever.

So true.


We’ve all been there.

There’s no vaccine for love.

That’s what Facebook is for.

Your first love is a shock.

Of course he does.

Mars versus Venus.

A compliment might be all it takes.