Alim Kheraj
August 25, 2016 6:28 am

When was the last time that you got a love note from an admirer or your partner? It seems like love notes have sort of become obsolete in the world of Tinder, texting and Snapchat (and we’re pretty sure a love Snapchat is a *bit* different than a love note).

That doesn’t mean that old school romance is dead. In fact, for one fifth grader old school is the only way to a woman’s heart.

According to tweet that has now gone viral, 10-year-old Cole wrote his girlfriend, Sherri, a letter after she tore her ACL while playing soccer.

Cole, decided to write the letter to make make Sherri feel better and it’s so. darn. cute.

“Dear Cherri,” he wrote, “I’m so sorry that you broke your knee. I will miss watching you play soccer and I’m sorry that you won’t be able to play softball for a while. But I know you will heal quickly, and I will get to watch you play again soon. Although you can’t play sports, you still make my day when I get to see your beautiful smile.”

Okay, STOP! This is too cute.

Continuing, Cole wrote, “God has a plan for all of us and sometimes it’s hard for us to understand why thing[s] happen to us. My dad tells me that God only allows things to happen that He knows we can handle. You are a pretty, nice, funny, and strong girl that is also a good friend. You will get through this quickly.

“Please let me know how I can help during your recovery. I hope you recover fast and get well soon.
Your friend,

According to Buzzfeed, Cole surprised Sherri with the letter as well as a cookie cake (!) at one of her soccer games.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Sherri’s mom said that the pair had been ‘dating’ for about a year before the incident, and said that when Sherri saw Cole with the cake her “eyes lit up and she started giggling. It was a really sweet moment.”

OMG, this is just too much.

The story was shared on Twitter by Cole’s cousin, who said, “My little cousin is in the 5th grade.. 5th grade. I can’t even rn ☹️😥💕😭”  before sharing the original note and some cute AF pictures of Cole and Sherri.

The tweet has now been shared over 2000 times, and has inspired a collection of really sweet (and hilarious) replies.

Aww, we couldn’t love this story enough. We hope that Sherri’s leg gets better quickly and that her and Cole are very happy together.

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