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Feeling duped by that Durex Eggplant Condom hoax that turned out to be a push to get a condom emoji? Well, look no further because these condoms are very real, very cool, and very feminist.

Lovability, an online condom startup, aims to make women feel empowered to carry condoms that not only help us practice safe sex, but encourage body expression and freedom by featuring some awesome phrases like “Talk feminist to me,” and “Babe with the power.”

On top of all of that, they’re cute, too!

Finally, a condom we actually want to put in our purses.

The company’s president, Tiffany Gaines, didn’t beat around the bush about their mission either.

“It’s time to put an end to being slut-shamed for valuing our bodies, and for having the confidence to assert control.”

Amen, sister! And, as if these adorable condoms couldn’t get any better, they are made with 100% natural vegan latex! YASS!

Lovability doesn’t just make amazing condoms, though.

They also sell a line of “Fuckboy Repellant,” which is something we’ve been waiting for literally our whole lives.

According to Lovability, a fuckboy is defined as “Any male-identified person who uses sexist language, homophobic, or racial slurs, participates in slut-shaming or any combination thereof. Keep an eye out for casual misogynists, dudes who think rape jokes are funny, bad graphic T’s, and bros who struggle to take ‘no’ for an answer.

Sounds about right. The next time you get mansplained, just spritz a little of this and fuckboys be gone! (FYI, the ingredients are just water, vegetable oil, and non-toxic gold glitter.)

Right now, we’re totally spraying our whole apartments with this stuff.