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Just because it’s November, doesn’t mean you have to start transitioning out of all of your favorite fall things. In fact, autumn is here to stay and with another month of fall comes even more holiday fun.

The thing we love most about November is that there are a lot of fall and Thanksgiving inspired weddings happening, which means warm colors, pumpkins and pie!

We’ve looked all over social media for the perfect seasonal wedding inspiration that you can follow for your own big day, or just swoon over as you scroll through.

Check out what’s happening on the fall and Thanksgiving wedding scene nowadays below and don’t get too upset when you realize these aren’t your actual weddings.

Petals for throwing, leaves for seating charts, acorns and golden velvet ties? Sign us up.

PS: Lace wedding dresses are beautiful no what time of year it is.

Deer aren’t just for Christmas time, they can — and should — be used as much as possible for Thanksgiving weddings.

Need wedding photo inspiration?

There’s nothing more thoughtful than a homemade gift for your friends and family to take home. Plus, this jam (or apple butter) looks ah-mazing.

Would you ever throw a Thanksgiving-inspired wedding?