Have you ever wanted to reunite with your ex and ask them some pressing questions over a few drinks? Well, now's your chance to live vicariously through several couples who star in Cut Video's Truth or Drink (Exes) series.

So, right away, we're introduced to several former couples who are answering a mix of serious and sexy questions. If they choose to answer, they must tell the truth. If they decline and prefer to keep the truth locked away, they must take a shot. Occasionally, a few dares are thrown in – just to mix things up a bit and to keep the audience wondering, "What will happen next?" Insert: ALL THE SUSPENSE.

The first doozy: "Why did we break up?" Instantly, one woman comically asks the camera, "Which time?" And unfortunately… the answers aren't always pretty. But hey, that's life.

As the video continues and interesting questions are brought out into the open, several things occur. There's a distinct sense of tension in the air between one couple, who definitely did not have an amicable parting. Then, there's the man and woman who are genuinely good friends. Anger, sadness, laughter, happiness, love – every emotion you can think of is portrayed within a record time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

While the premise of this video is quite simple, it seems to offer many couples the chance to gain closure. It may not be obvious, but is instead shown through the fact that two people – despite their past – are able to communicate openly with one another. Even though this may be an awkward experience for participants and viewers alike, we definitely have to give these ex-couples credit for agreeing to do this. And for doing it with a sense of humor.

Watch for yourself below and prepare yourself to feel all the feels:

[Image via YouTube]