Crystal Ro
June 29, 2016 3:01 pm
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The world could use more women engineers and scientists, right? In a recent study done by the National Science Foundation, women and minorities (combined) accounted for less than half of the science and engineering workforce. 

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And in an effort to inspire younger generations of women and girls to pursue science and engineering careers in the future, many brands have begun creating products and toys geared specifically towards them.

Here are a few really great ones.

1. This basic “Craft-Struction Box” (Ages 6+)

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Buy it here for $39.99.

2. This circuit-based “rPower” kit (Ages 6+)

Buy it here for $29.99.

3. This “Deep Sea Dive” building set (Ages 7+)

Buy it here for $34.99.

4. This “Little Bits Premium Kit” covering motors, lights, and more. (Ages 6+)

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Buy it here for $149.00.

5. This “Sky-High Cable Car” building set. (Ages 6+)

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Buy it here for $14.99.

6. This “Townhouse” building set with motors and circuits. (Ages 6+)

Buy it here for $39.99.

7. And finally, this “Parade Float” engineering kit. (Ages 4+)

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Buy it here for $87.99.