Picture of Couple Facebook Engagement Fail

These days, a photo announcing your engagement on social media is customary. It’s the easiest way to share your exciting news with all of your friends. So when Miranda Levy’s boyfriend popped the question, the couple celebrated with a cute “WE’RE ENGAGED!” photo on Facebook. But unknowingly, she shared more than just their engagement news—she accidentally let it slip that the couple was expecting a baby, too. Woops.

“I am truly blessed today as the love of my life has asked me to marry him. Words cannot express how happy I feel, and how lucky I am,” Levy gushed in her Facebook post. “He wasn’t able to give me a real ring yet, but what matters is what’s on the inside. I know that we will be happy together, regardless of material things. Be on the look out for save-the-dates!” Then she signed the post “The Future Mrs. Kelly.”

Take a closer look at their photo. See anything besides two happy people?

Oh, just a casual pregnancy test. Oops.

Levy’s Facebook friends (including her dad) were quick to point out the cropping snafu. Some of the comments on the photo were a little brash, but they were all in good fun. “Is that what I think it is in the corner?” one commenter asked. Another suggested, “Yo lmfao, gotta crop this guys…” Mr. and the future Mrs. Kelly probably weren’t ready to share the baby news just yet, but the accidental overshare was welcomed with open and supporting arms.

Fortunately, they were in fact expecting. Once Levy realized the secret was out, she posted a followup post. “Hey guys, we’re having a baby too.” Perfect.

Featured image via Twitter