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Just when we thought we couldn't love the actresses who portray Daenerys and Missandei on Game of Thrones anymore than we already do, they go and do this. While taking a break from filming Season 7, Emilia Clarke and Nathalie Emmanuel hung out. Seeing them casually stroll the streets of Seville, Spain together is enough to make any Game of Thrones fan swoon.

Since Daenerys Targaryen saved Missandei from slavery and took her on as her interpreter, these characters have been a dream team. They're a fantastic example of strong women respecting each other as colleagues (yeah, Dany is her queen, but close enough) and friends. And to know that they feel the same way about each other off camera is pretty spectacular.

Credit: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

The actresses appeared to be taking in the sights, considering that Emmanuel had not one — but two — cameras around her neck. Plus, they both were rocking sensibly adorable footwear in this sneaky paparazzi pic: sneakers for Emmanuel and flats for Clarke.

And let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that these ladies’ black-and-white outfits are COLOR COORDINATED. Friendship goal achieved.

While Clarke had a more preppy look with a dress and a cardigan, Emmanuel has a Bohemian vibe going on. She played with patterns using a horizontally-striped crop top and what appears to be a Southwest-patterned poncho wrapped around her waist.

Credit: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

Now, this isn't the only time that Clarke and Emmanuel have been hanging out recently, since they were at a concert a few days earlier — accompanied by Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington.

Clarke posted about her devotion to her on-screen translator in the Instagram post, writing:

And the feeling of love is mutual with Emmanuel wishing her a queen a happy birthday a week ago.

So yeah, these fabulous and fashionable actresses are just as tight in real life as they are on Game of Thrones. Talk about some serious squad envy.