Elizabeth Entenman
May 05, 2016 5:15 pm
Indium Photo / indiumphoto.com

When you’re planning a wedding, you try to think ahead about everything that could go wrong. Like, the weather. Food catering gone awry. Missing DJs. But there are some things you just can’t foresee, which newlyweds Mandy Grogg and Ryan Williams learned the hard way. A few days before their wedding, the delivery truck with their wedding bands (and the bride’s engagement ring) was robbed.

“I jokingly said that I had kind of planned for all things to go wrong, and that we’d make do without if they didn’t make it back in time,” Grogg told BuzzFeed. “We both shrugged and jokingly agreed that this would be our luck.”

Helzberg Diamonds offered to supply the couple with temp rings for their ceremony, but the couple turned them down. So what’s a groom to do? Put a Ring Pop on it.

“We had already been legally married and had a baby for over a year and a half by the time we celebrated our marriage,” Grogg explained. “It wasn’t about having rings, or everything be perfect, so we chose to laugh it off and do something fun.”

Maybe Grogg and Williams are on to something: edible wedding bands! In all seriousness, we wouldn’t be surprised if this trend pops up (pun intended) in more weddings this summer.

And don’t worry — the bride and groom got their real rings back. But they’re pretty happy with their interim rings, even though a mystery guest ate them at the reception.

“The kid in both of us couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out!” Grogg gushed.