Ellen Page is officially in love, and we’re officially in love with her love. Page attended the premiere of her new film Freeheld Sunday night at the Toronto International Film Festival, and she brought along a special guest — her girlfriend, Samantha Thomas! It was their first red carpet appearance together, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

We mentioned last week that Page came out publicly after filming Freeheld, because she felt that playing the part of a woman fighting to have equal rights with the woman she loves wasn’t right or fair since she wasn’t out herself. But now that she has told people she’s gay, she’s fully embracing the benefits of living authentically, and she seems so genuinely happy. We have a feeling that part of that happiness might be because she’s in looooove. How do we know? Because she said so.

Page told E! News that she’s definitely in love. She said, “Walking down the carpet holding my girlfriend’s hand is pretty special. It’s pretty awesome.”

Page also posted this photo to Instagram after the premiere (Thomas is the adorbs blonde standing next to Page):

If that’s not enough awesome for your heart, Ruby Rose also took to Instagram to express her love and admiration for Page (who just so happens to be her bestie):

Rose also posted this pic posing with our new fave couple:

Our favorite part of Page and Thomas’s relationship is how supportive they seem of each other. Thomas posted this photo to Instagram showing her support for her lady’s new film:

Yay for love and happiness!

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