Jill Layton
September 08, 2015 12:47 pm

If you’ve ever doubted that true love exists, we have proof that it, in fact, does. Here’s a real story that will make your entire soul melt into a heart-shaped puddle. Recently, an elderly man was spotted waiting at the airport for his lady to arrive. He was actually inside the airport, not just doing a curbside pickup — #romance. As he anxiously waited with a bouquet of flowers in one hand, a letter in the other (presumably a love letter) and a smile on his face, Chris Perry, the love-loving bystander, found the whole situation too endearing not to capture on video. So that’s exactly what he did.

Perry then posted the video of the lovebirds on his Facebook page for the world to see, and we’re so happy he did. Because LOVE IS SO GREAT. So far, the video has been viewed almost ten million times, shared over 94,000 times, and liked 529,000 times — that’s a helluva lot of people loving love.

Prepare for your hearts to be crushed in the most perfect way:

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Featured video via Facebook


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