Credit: Brett Kiger/Flickr

Here’s the most magical news you’ll hear today: You can now get married at night in Magic Kingdom, while the stars twinkle high up above you, and/or fireworks go off in the distance. It will literally be the MOST enchanting moment of your life, trust us.

The only drawback to this once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience is that it will set you back no less than $180,000, so start saving up your pennies, or wish for a super loaded fairy godmother. Either one will do. This is a brand new wedding package from Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, and while you’ve long been able to get married in the Magic Kingdom before the park opens (so, at like, 6 a.m.), they’ve recently started adding new options, like getting married during the day (with roughly THOUSANDS of guests around you, but hey, you do what you gotta do to get married in front of the castle).

This nighttime option is another new offering, so obviously we’re currently really obsessed with discovering exactly WHAT this experience will look like. Here are some Disney nighttime wedding pictures that have already hit social media, and we’re like 😍.