There are times when certain couples make us weak in the knees, and this is one of them. Start preparing for a cuteness overload, because Dax Shepard posted a sweet tribute to Kristen Bell to celebrate being together for almost ten years. And it’s not just any old photo of blissful (AKA enviable) coupledom; this one involves a dolphin thrown into the mix.

Plus, the throwback post is an example of Shepard’s top-notch sense of humor, which we dig in a major way. Okay, ready to have your day brightened buy some signature Dax charm?

Here we go!

Aside from the obvious love that’s popping right out of this photo, it looks like they had an incredible time swimming with the dolphin!

Some of the Insta comments suggested #couplegoals, and we have to agree.

Judging by their Insta accounts, they seem to have so much fun together — from playing Settlers of Catan in their cocktail attire after an awards ceremony, to hanging out together while Bell does some knitting, to working together on CHiPs, to playing in the snow and exploring the world with their kids. They’re a solid team for sure.

Here’s to another ten years, and beyond! Love you guys.