Dave and Odette Annable on the red carpet.
Credit: Amanda Edwards/ Getty Images

In what’s…one of the weirder things we’ve seen on a celebrity Instagram, actor Dave Annable called out his wife Odette Annable not being down to have sex with him one night. Apparently, after mentioning that she was looking forward to being intimate with him, she then decided she was too busy that night. The Instagram video is totally cute and lighthearted, and she’s clearly in on the joke — but we can’t help relate to her far more than we relate to him. Dave’s all like, “you can’t tell me you can’t wait to have sex with me and then just say ‘not tonight.'” Ahh, the classic “not tonight” sex line.

His wife’s response is, however, perfect.

Odette Anable was like, “oh, get over it.”

His caption reads:

We hope that he wasn’t actually looking for polling numbers.

Clearly, the Annables have a fun, open relationship if they’re willing to share this sort of thing on social media. And while it’s pretty funny, we’re also kind like…errr? Honestly, we’re always curious about the personal lives of our favorite celebs, but very few of us are actually looking for them to bring social media into the bedroom…

Regardless of whether you find this cute or weird or just familiar, we’re glad that Dave and Odette Annable seem to be happy and have a great open line of communication. More power to them…but maybe not on Instagram, huh, kids?