Credit: NBC

If you’re looking for your next hero slash #girlboss, look no further than the girl who used quotes from The Office to convince a Tinder guy she farmed beets. We’ve seen a lot of variations on ‘girl uses quotes from a fav TV show to troll bros on dating apps‘ and frankly, given the dismal level of quality of conversation on dating apps on average, it never gets old.

But this was one of the more successful attempts we’ve seen, and it’s extra hilarious because the guy totally buys into it. He doesn’t question her life as a beet farmer at ALL and we don’t know if we’re worried about him or respect how much he respected her imaginary career choice.

We especially love when the dude in question tries to, like, relate to this beet farmer girl by talking about his isolated cabin. So smooth, so chill, so unconcerned that the woman he’s talking to is bizarrely obsessed with beets and really wants to tell him about it. He should be commended.

Both parts of the conversation ended amicably, however. Caroline told Buzzfeed that she eventually fessed up to Nate, and that he thought it was hilarious.

We never know what we’re going to get when we dip our toes into the online dating pool, so it’s nice to see a happy ending, even if it’s not the one we expect.