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Finding love may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to travel — but it couldn’t hurt to learn about the top airports to meet someone if you’re single. Just think about it — if the two of you can handle the pressures of waiting in long lines and hoping your baggage is in the same state as you are, you can handle anything.

Not only does believe in airport love, but they did a survey to try and figure out where you have the best chances of finding it. The study was reportedly done through browsing through their Missed Connections section. The feature was added this year, and helps romantic hopefuls with Match profiles connect if they’ve been unknowingly crossing paths with each other. From there, they were able to pluck out the specific airports that came up more than a few times.

Before diving into the top 10, there’s something kind of incredible about finding love an airport that you might not realize. For one, it’s a good way to get to know someone with limited resources (for example, sure — you could take them out to an overpriced airport restaurant, but there’s a better chance you’ll just be chatting one-on-one with the stranger while in the plane itself.) “If you don’t click, you land and never see that person again,” said a PR executive named Peter S., who was interviewed by

If you’re thinking about giving it a chance, here are the ten airports you’ll want to be this holiday season.

1 Chicago O’Hare

2 Atlanta

3Los Angeles


5Dallas/Fort Worth

6 Phoenix



9San Francisco


Even if your airport of choice isn’t on here, who knows? Maybe the poll will just inspire you to take a chance and strike up a friendly conversation with a nearby traveler.