Dating apps don't change love
Credit: Pexels

Dating in the age of technology got you down? It doesn’t have to.

Apps like Tinder have completely revolutionized the way we date and meet people. Instead of singling someone out at a bar or a bookstore, we stare at our phones and swipe left or right.

Many credit these apps for the rise of “hookup culture,” a phenomenon making long-term, monogamous relationships a thing of the past. Data suggests millennials aren’t getting married because of the sheer number of dating options the apps offer.

In a video for The Atlantic, Fisher explains that our brains are hard-wired for long-term, romantic love. Dating apps don’t disable or erase that function in humans, Fisher claims.

“They’re taking their time, they’re trying out a whole lot of folks to learn more about themselves and others. And almost all of them will eventually settle down,” she says. “We are built to love.”