You’ve probably heard how much young people are using dating apps like Tinder again and again. But according to this new survey, if they could pick their ideal way to meet people, college students would swipe left on Tinder and choose the old-fashioned way of finding love.

Apartment-hunting app Adobo surveyed 3,500 college students to figure out where they were looking for love (and finding it). Of those surveyed, only 4 percent said dating apps were their preferred method for meeting new people. More than 80 percent still preferred meeting people through mutual friends or shared interests, like music or sports.

That being said, while young people might prefer meeting people IRL, they’re still definitely using apps. More than 90 percent of participants said they were on Tinder, for a variety of reasons – the main reason being “entertainment.”

Tinder reigned supreme as the post popular dating app. According to Adobo’s survey, 17 percent of participants use Bumble, while OKCupid users only made up 9 percent of participants.

Well, if students really do prefer meeting people in real life, college is the perfect place to do it: Where else will you find yourself surrounded by so many people your own age?