This popular dating app now has a poet in residence


When you think of the type of establishment that would hire a writer-in-residence, a dating app might not be what comes to mind. But think again, because gay dating app Grindr has commissioned its first poet. The app is preparing to launch a digital platform called “Into,” on which they plan to publish a series of video poems about the gay experience. Grindr hired British writer Max Wallis for the job.

Wallis says the poetry won’t be explicitly about Grindr per se, but rather an artistic look at what it means to be gay in 2017.

“The topic is as much gay experiences in general as [it is] the app. But, as [Grindr] is part of that experience, it will be a source of inspiration to an extent,” Wallis said.
“Poetry is about distilling an experience. If there’s a platform for the gay experience, and to celebrate that, all the better.”

I wrote this piece for The Guardian about kissing boys and becoming @grindr's first poet in residence. Link in bio.

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This sounds like it will be really cool. After all, what’s sexier or more romantic than good poetry?

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