Daryl Lindsey
Updated Jan 16, 2017 @ 1:30 pm
Credit: Pexels

You might think your photo is all that matters when it comes to getting right-swiped on Tinder, but it turns out other factors, like what you do for work, also play a big role in who you match with.

And now Tinder has shared the 10 most right-swiped professions in various cities across the United States with Mashable.

While the most-swiped jobs differ heavily from city to city, there are some trends noticeable at a national level: For men, CEO/Entrepreneur made it on to almost every list. Women CEO/Entrepreneurs also do well from city to city, but not at as high of a rate. For women, Teacher made it onto all but three lists, and PR/Communications jobs also did notably well.

It makes sense that profession plays a role in which way a potential match swipes, since it hints at various factors people consider when picking a partner (like interests, passions — and yes, even income level).

Take a look at Mashable’s lists for yourself and see how your job stacks up in your city.