Sarah Terry
October 28, 2016 11:50 am
Kevin Mazur / Getty

Just shy of two months after her breakup with Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift is rumored to be dating Drake! And the internet has picked up on the rumor BIG TIME.

Taylor was spotted at Drake’s 30th birthday recently. The two were seen looking pretty cozy, and Drake reportedly introduced the “Shake It Off” singer to his mom. Of course, these are JUST rumors. But they have sent the internet into an obvious frenzy and it’s hilarious. The rumor of two superstars dating is just the thing to make the internet lose its collective mind, and here are some of our favorite posts.

With the rumor that Taylor and Drake are dating, naturally, the internet freaked out in the most hilarious way. 

Some were actually totally into it.

Others couldn’t help but wonder what Rihanna thinks of all this.

Regardless, this would be BIG news.

And if it’s true, we don’t even know what we’re gonna do!

Can you EVEN imagine a world where Taylor and Drake date each other?!?!?!