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The world of online and app-based dating is scary enough without having to worry about what other people think of what you do for a living. Yet, Happn analyzed its 2.9 million users to figure out which professions were the most successful on the dating app. While we don’t really recommend changing your profession just for the sake of dating, the results will definitely have you wanting to add some experience to your résumé if you’re single.

If you aren’t familiar with Happn, it uses GPS location tracking on your phone to show you people you have actually crossed paths with in real life. You can then “crush” — aka like — the people you have passed.

And the people in Happn’s network who have been “crushed” the most are… lawyers.

That means that you might want to take a look at law schools if your dating prospects have been less than stellar. JUST KIDDING, but — you know — it’s always an option if you actually want to be a lawyer.

From there, the most attractive professions diverge based on gender. For men, the vague-sounding analyst came in second, followed by engineer, salesmen, and doctor. For women, designer was in second place, followed by teacher, marketer, and physician.

So, like lawyers, doctors are universally sexy no matter the gender of the person.

With this in mind, perhaps the best move is if you have one of these eight careers and you’re single, you start using Happn — rather than change your career to be more appealing on Happn. But hey, we understand having a good dating profile might be just as important as having a good job. 😉