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The real-life relationship between Orange Is The New Black star Samira Wiley and OITNB writer Lauren Morelli has long been #goals. The two fell in love on set, and the rest has been adorable Instagram history, with the two becoming engaged in October.

Now, the story behind the proposal has come out in Out magazine, and it’s as cute as you would think. First, Wiley tells her side of the story:

We’d planned this weekend in Palm Springs. I’m pretty laid-back: If it’s five in the afternoon and Lauren wants to beat the traffic, I’m just hanging around. That day, I wanted to be good and get my packing done. She got home and was just not ready to go, and I was confused. She asked me to sit next to her. Then she got me up, and we started dancing together, and she pulled a ring from behind the couch. Lauren has been married before, so I wanted her to tell me she was ready, her to be the one to propose. I didn’t know she was as ready as she was. I was completely shocked. I was crying uncontrollably and kept backing away from her.

Of course, Wiley’s crying kind of freaked Morelli out.

We were coming up on our three-year anniversary, and I was like, I will wait until we have our three years and then propose.Then I thought, What am I waiting for if I know I want this woman to be my wife and I want to spend my life with her? I was so nervous and terrified she knew it was coming, but she was so shocked that I couldn’t get her to stop crying. She was hyperventilating. I thought, Oh, this is not good. This has gone too far. She was very clear she’d wait for me to be ready, so to give her something I knew she wanted so much was incredible. It was the most magical day of my life.

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The two also discussed the early days of their friendship, back when Morelli was married to a man and was still discovering her queerness while working on Orange Is The New Black.

“I had started questioning my sexuality as a result of being in the writers’ room and talking about all the themes on the show,” Morelli said. “I was still very confused, but I knew the attraction between us felt magnetic.”

And though Poussey’s death on the show in season three was absolutely heartbreaking, it had a silver lining for Wiley and Morelli. “One of the good things about her no longer being on Orange was that she didn’t have to permanently be in New York anymore, so she moved to L.A. to be with me,” Morelli told Out.

It seems Wiley knew she had a good thing going with Morelli from the start. “[She]would always tell me jokingly that she was just trying to get ‘chose,'” Morelli said.

The writer added, “She’d do the dishes, and I’d go, “Oh, thank you, that means a lot to me.” And she’d go, “Just tryna get chose, bae. Just tryna get chose.” So when I proposed, I made that the theme of the proposal: “I choose you.”

BRB, crying forever.

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