We’re not saying you should call us your favorite celebrity sleuths, but we’re also not ~not~ saying that. We love a good love story as much as the next girl (or perhaps even more) here at HelloGiggles, and we love celebrities who share their love for one another openly as well! And sometimes, oh sometimes….Instagram is the best tool we have for seeing who’s into who. The latest case in “Instagram official” love is thanks to Norman Reedus, who just congratulated Diane Kruger for her Cannes win, making their love internet official, or at least that’s how we’re seeing it!

Thanks to the eagle-eyed editors at, they noticed Diane’s comment on the photo. Note her comment halfway down.

Yes, that’s right. She called him, “Babe.”

Credit: Norman Reedus Instagram /

The post came after Diane won the Best Actress award on Sunday at Cannes, for her work in Into The Fade. Norman posted a photo of the actress with the caption of “YESSSSS ♥️♥️♥️” which does sound pretty lovey-dovey if we do say so ourselves! Although the two haven’t made their love official yet, there are videos of them kissing, and now there’s this. Is this all the evidence we need? Either way, we ship this so hard!

Diane looked stunning in the dress she accepted her award in. We love the classic LBD with the full sleeves and skirt. Diane looks like a goth queen, and we know Norman would agree! Technically this relationship is still a “rumor” since neither have so publicly declared their intentions, but we’re hoping that the two make it official soon. Cheers to Diane for the win and Norman for the love!