Emily Baines
August 09, 2016 1:28 pm

Dating is hard. While the rising popularity in app and online dating should make it easier to find potential soulmates, we’ve all gone on a terrible date or two (or five… or twenty…or five hundred). It’s exhausting.

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Frankly, most of us would rather stay home and watch Law and Order: SVU than try to fit into a slinky dress only to have the date be a dud.

So when we heard from the new dating app Curtsy, we were skeptical at first. But we have to admit, we like what co-founder Anish told us about the company. According to Anish, these are the three major flaws of most dating apps, and how Curtsy fixes them:

1. Nobody actually messages each other once you get a match!

Curtsy removes the awkwardness of starting a conversation with potential future dates by requiring users to start an icebreaker before beginning a conversation. Potential icebreakers include “impressions” and “two truths and a lie.”



2. Text messages can have a cold, impersonal feel.

We’ve all received that lame “‘sup?” or “hey” text. With Curtsy, users can at first only communicate through voice messages. The ability to text is unlocked later. It’s scary, but more personal.

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3. Matches will ask for your number and then suddenly drop off.

Curtsy thinks they’ve solved the pre-date ghosting phenomenon by “creating a reward system where the more you communicate with your match the more features you unlock (i.e. texting and requesting your match’s number), we believe we can keep users more engaged with their matches, and as a result create more real life interactions.”

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Well, we’re definitely intrigued! With the plethora of dating sites and apps out there, we appreciate the one that wants to add a more personal touch.