Johnni Macke
July 10, 2016 9:33 am

Bad breath, opposite viewpoints on how you’d raise a family, and bad sex are all reasons to end a romance, but nowadays there is an even more important reason to call it quits: bad TV taste. Okay, it might not be a good reason to stop dating someone, but it is happening, especially for millennials.

According to a study conducted by Propeller Insights and Xfinity, released to The Wrap, how we watch TV actually factors into our relationships a lot. For instance, half of adults ranging from 25-49 have admitted to “TV cheating,” aka watching a TV show without their spouse or significant other.

While testing out a new promotion for the web series, Glued, the two companies surveyed 1,935 adults in that age range (which covers millennials and Gen-Xers) to discover their relationship with TV shows and how it influences their love life.

The results concluded that about 30 percent of single millennials would NOT date someone based on their particular viewing preferences. This percentage of singles would forgo a new romance if their TV taste was not the same, which sounds crazy, but kind of makes sense. How would you Netflix and chill as a couple, if you hate each other’s favorite shows? What would you do on Sunday nights if not binge Game of Thrones together? If you despise reality shows, could you really stand a partner that watches them 24/7? According to the study, about a third of us could not!

The study also showed that 66 percent of couples surveyed said that watching TV shows together as a couple has strengthened their relationship. Plus, over half of parents (55 percent) said that they frequently put their kids to bed early to watch TV shows as a couple — aw.

We all have our dating deal breakers, but would you end a relationship over TV preferences? What would you break up over?