Patrice J. Williams
December 21, 2017 3:57 pm
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Some of us dress based on our body types. Slim, curvy, or somewhere in-between, we know what works best for us based on our measurements. Fashion is not one size fits all, and the same premise applies to dating. But there is something to be said about dating based on your personality type. Maybe you want to date someone just as Type A as you are, or maybe you want to spend time with your total opposite. Either way, the Myers-Briggs personality test can help you determine which personality types would indeed pair well with your own.

What’s great about this test is that it allows you to stop, step back, and assess. With a new year on the horizon, self-reflection is especially important, as we often tend to be too busy to check in with ourselves. Combat this by being mindful of your Myers-Briggs personality type as you consider what it is you want to get out of 2018 and beyond — especially in terms of dating and desire.

With this in mind, here are your best partner matches based on your personality type.

ESTJ: you don’t waiver on decisions. You know what you want.

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So you naturally need a Type A type of person with a sense of humor.

ISTJ: you’ve got your goals and you go for them.

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A go-getter with a sense of humor immediately sparks your interest.

ESFJ: helping others is at the top of your list.

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You need an equally selfless partner on your side.

ISFJ: low-key is your middle name.

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Though you play it cool, a fun lover serves you well.

ESTP: you’re random and there’s never a dull moment.

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A calm significant other who balances your off-the-wall behavior is what you secretly like.

ISTP: some people beat around the bush. You’re not one of those people. 

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Straight-shooters need only apply.

ESFP: you’re the encouraging cheerleader of your crew.

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An equally supportive mate is someone who will allow you to thrive.

ISFP: your friends know you’re the caring type.

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Of course you love the sweet, nice guy or gal next door.

ENTJ: some people call you Type A — you call yourself particular.

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Lighten up with a funny partner who’ll easily steal your heart.

INTJ: you’re classy with a kick.


Naturally you need someone who keeps it professional, but knows when to party.

ENFJ: You work hard and then work even harder. 

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Not gonna lie. Your ideal type is pretty buttoned-up.

INFJ: you see the bigger picture. 

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You respect and adore people who are high achievers.

ENTP: you love a good challenge. 

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You’re just having fun, so someone who is a great time gets your attention…for now.

INTP: you see a problem and you attempt to solve it. 

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You naturally need a fellow boss in your life.

ENFP: the creative type. 

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Someone on the corporate ladder won’t cut it, but you’ve never met an artist you didn’t instantly fall in love with.

INFP: sensitive soul. 

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A sensitive soul who professes their love is where you feel most comfortable.

Now you have some dating direction for 2018, so go forth and prosper!