Amanda Malamut
Updated Nov 26, 2016 @ 11:19 am
Credit: verbaska/Shutterstock

Whether it’s because our parents are closed minded or we don’t want them to know any of our business, sometimes people lie to their families about their relationships. Whether it’s about how you met, or the fights you have, there are times when it’s way easier to fib a little just so you don’t rock the boat. Your parents don’t always have to know that your new significant other has children from a marriage you haven’t met yet or even that you’re secretly married (really, they don’t need to know).

Dishing about your relationship to parents can lead to extra stress or just too many questions you’re no in the mood to answer. So don’t worry. your secret is safe with us. Here are a few from Whisper that prove everyone tells a little (or big) white lie now and again.

If you forgive, why bother?

Way too much pressure.

Hey, grandma…

They aren’t tech savvy enough.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Ain’t no thing.

No one has to know.

Secret’s safe with us.

At least it was no-hassle.

At least dad was accepting and loving.

Come out when you’re ready.

Let him take care of himself first.

Be careful out there.

Shotgun wedding, anyone?

Sorry, officer.

Does it matter?

Starcrossed lovers.

Just be careful.


Seriously? Just tell the truth on this one, maybe.

There are small lies and big lies, but when you’re in love, everything is fair.