Krista Jensen
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 4:27 pm
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Sure, you could seek out friends and lovers with similar interests, but aren’t similar disinterests way more exciting to bond over? This is why we are totally excited and at once confused and curious about Hater, the real life dating app that puts you in touch with those who also despise all the things you just can’t stand in life. Can’t tolerate grocery shopping? Great, here’s a guy who gets all his stuff delivered from Amazon. Can’t stand cats? Here’s a lady who breeds dogs and would never look at another species of animal if it were up to her. Hate stepping in a puddle in suede shoes and walking around with wet toes all day? Well…that’s all of us, so you may have to get a little more specific while you swipe through the app’s debatable topics.

Hater will connect you to someone who’ll hate-watch The Bachelor with you, if that’s your thing.

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While positivity is key while finding your next new somebody, we can totally understand the bond that is created over sharing a similar preference, even if it’s negative. Why wait till the fifth date at an Italian restaurant to figure out that you both don’t like tomatoes? Chances are you have a lot less wiggle room in your solid “nope, no way, get it outta here before I barf” opinions than your more open-minded viewpoints, so maybe it’s better to get the negs out of the way early? Who knows! But totally worth a try!

The app concept started out as an idea for a comedy sketch, and we can totally understand why.

What’s even more interesting is how this app handles lifestyles choices and styles. If you’re a nightowl who just doesn’t do life before 11am, you simply swipe down to dislike, say, “early mornings” as it comes up on the app. The more things (foods, hobbies, celebs, movies, pastimes, traits, etc.) you decide yes or no on, the more likely your match and you can lovingly pass by a tapas place with an equal amount of disinterest.

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They say two wrongs don’t make a right, but what if you both think country music is wrong and that makes you right for each other? We got questions, and we can’t wait to hear our single friends’ answers. Get hatin’ here!