Kenya Foy
December 27, 2016 10:21 am
@liltwistout /

Some people are decent at giving gifts and then there are those next level gift-giving experts like this girl whose boyfriend had the sweetest reaction to the Christmas present he received from her. According to Mashable, Nia Evans presented her boyfriend Obinna Victor with a bound and illustrated copy of an anime story he began creating four years ago. Evans shared the video on Twitter and it’s literally one of the most heartwarming reactions to Christmas gifts we’ve seen this holiday season.

The video opens with Evans urging Victor to read the card and open his gift. His face when he pulls the book out of the box is absolutely priceless.

Evans explained to Mashable exactly how she managed to pull off what Victor would probably describe as the best Christmas gift of all time.

After sharing the reaction video, Evans also gave us a glimpse at Victor’s artwork on Twitter.

“He told me he’s never been so happy,” Evans added.

Honestly, the only issue with have with this clip of Victor’s reaction is that it isn’t long enough! Just as we were about to join him in releasing a long, therapeutic ugly cry, the recording comes to an end.

Despite feeling cheated out of an excuse to have an emotional meltdown, we’re super thankful this beautiful couple shared their heartwarming holiday moment with us and we hope to see more of Victor’s artwork soon!